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Logo Design

Capturing a brand concept isn't just an art - it's a science.

Smart design requires asking the right questions to better understand your company, your product and your users. A great logo is familiar yet distinctly original. For many small business owners, it can be the launch pad for brand recognition in their own communities and help set them apart in their industry.

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Based in Wichita Falls, TX, the family-owned law firm of Tate, Gowan & Wilson PLLC specializes in land ownership. With generational ties to Texas ranching, preserving heritage and legacies is a cornerstone of TGW Law. I chose to layer and intersect the founding partners' initials in a classic serif font that was later produced as both a  multi-metal sign and engraved glass in their firm offices.



A dynamic mentoring experience for young adults looking to upskill or pivot in their professional career journey - FORGE by EJC MOVE is 1:1 coaching program that engages and excites. By incorporating the company's cool dark teal and pairing it with a stark lime green, the trusted connection with EJC MOVE is present and invigorated. The forward pointing arrow in place of the "O" creates energetic motion and direction - the same feeling we want clients to feel about their bright futures as working professionals.

View Forge Brand Guidelines here.


IEP Consulting

Centering students with special needs is at the heart of Michael Soria's mission to aide school districts in developing Individualized Education Plans for success. Using bright elementary shades of blue and yellow - IEP's circular logo represents the ring of support that educators and family members provide around special needs students to help them thrive in class and beyond.


Ginger Main Chun

When her own child came out as transgender, Ginger Main Chun sought the support of therapists and counseling professionals to help her family navigate this major transition. The positive experience she had inspired her to earn her MSW to support other families through big changes with empathy and knowledge of the LGBTQ+ community. Ginger's logo is inspired by her impassioned, intuitive approach to therapy. The neutral, relaxing olive green that reflects personal growth while the organic curving font represents a living path of change.